4 Ways Rice Lotion Beautifies your Skin

4 Ways Rice Lotion Beautifies your Skin

RiceLotion1Rice is more than just your typical starch. This staple has been grown all over Asia for thousands of years, and its uses have stretched far beyond the dinner plate. This versatile plant is also a key ingredient to many ancient Asian beauty secrets, such as rice water and rice toner (link here). Rice has proven itself an effective addition to many beauty products, both in antiquity and on modern day cosmetic shop shelves. One such use is rice lotion, a fantastic way to nourish and moisturize your skin. Check out all the great things rice lotion can do for your skin:

Repair dry skin

Rice’s starchiness may not be ideal for weight loss, but sure is ideal for treating minor skin damage. During dry, windy and cold winters, our skin, especially that on our hands and faces so often exposed to the weather, suffers cracks and drying. For those of us with eczema, these kinds of problems can plague our skin year-round. Happily, rice is the perfect ingredient to inhibit water loss from your skin, thus improving skin moisture. Rice lotion can keep your skin from drying out and your face and hands soft and smooth.

RiceLotion3Hydrate skin

Even for those of us without particularly dry skin, keeping our skin as moisturized as possible is still so important to maintaining that healthy glow. Rice lotion often contains rice bran oil, which is high in fatty acids and natural Vitamin E to keep the skin glowing, healthy and soft.

Fight redness

Rice lotion is also incredibly soothing. For those fighting afflictions like rosacea or just general red complexion discoloration, rice lotion can help calm and even out the skin, returning your skin not just to its natural moisture balance, but also to its natural, healthy color.

Anti-aging properties

The rice bran oil present in most rice lotions is also fantastic for its anti-aging properties. Its high level of Vitamin E not only helps keep skin, but also helps rejuvenate tired skin. Vitamin E helps to maintain the all-important elasticity our skin needs to look and feel young. Focus on your forehead and eye area to see the best results. Best of all, rice is so mild that side affects are nearly unheard of — so rice lotion is idea for sensitive or allergy-prone skin types.

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