5 Ways to Use Mint for your Beauty Routine

5 Ways to Use Mint for your Beauty Routine

MintLeavesforWebMint makes a delightful addition to plenty of delicious dishes, teas, and even our favorite candies and chewing gum, but did you know that there is so much more to mint? Originating in Asia, mint has been used by ancient cultures for centuries for its health and beauty benefits as well. Here are five creative ways to incorporate mint in to your own beauty routine.

Dandruff Fighter

Mint helps to stimulate circulation, so it prevents flakes. After shampooing, try crushing some mint leaves and incorporate into your favorite conditioner. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Or, make your own homemade mint conditioner — combine a few sprigs of mint and rosemary, then let it sit in apple cider vinegar for about a week. Once “steeped,” apply after shampooing and notice how different your scalp feels!

Clear Skin

Mint also contains salycilic acid, the active ingredient in many acne-fighting products you find on store shelves, but unlike such products, mint is completely natural and chemical-free. Crush mint leaves into a paste by combining with rice water, apply to affected areas and leave for 20 minutes before washing off.

MintOnEyeForWebMint can also help to fight blackheads, as well as oily skin. Mint contains Vitamin A, which rejuvenates and refreshes your complexion, keeping it bright and soft.

Foot Scrub 

Mint can also make a great natural exfoliant and soother thanks to its menthol content. Simply boiling mint leaves in a pot of water can make a great soak for tired, sore feet. To take advantage of mint’s exfoliant properties, combine essential oil of mint with sea salt and olive oil.

Face Mask

Mint’s trademark tingly sensation feels great in a facemask, too. Combine essential oil of mint with oatmeal and sugar-free yogurt. The oatmeal will help exfoliate while the mint helps rejuvenate. Wash away after letting sit for 20 minutes. Mint’s anti-inflammatory properties as well as the yogurt’s cooling sensation will help reduce any redness.

MinLiptsickForWebArticleMint Body Lotion

Mint isn’t just great for your face and feet – it’s a wonderful addition to body lotion as well. Make your own all-natural mint body lotion by brewing a cup of fresh mint tea, and then combine with just a pinch of borax powder. At the same time, heat a half of a cup of sunflower oil, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of beeswax. Combine both mixtures in a blender on low until it is smooth. Once cooled, apply to the skin.

If homemade remedies aren’t for you, get your own mint lotion:

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