6 Beauty Benefits of Amla Oil for your Hair and Skin

6 Beauty Benefits of Amla Oil for your Hair and Skin

amlaNever heard of amla oil? It’s an ancient secret of Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda, that once you try, you’ll wish you had been using it all along! “Amla” is the Hindi word for the fruit from which the oil is derived and for the Amla tree that grows in warm, Indian soils. You may have also heard these fruits called “Indian gooseberries.” These fruits are rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C, and while Indians have been using them for centuries to promote spiritual purity, you’ll be surprised to see the wonders it can do for the body as well.

1) Deep Conditioning for Smoothing and Damaged Repair

Don’t think it’s possible to get hair as long, healthy and luscious as you see in shampoo ads? Think again. Amla oil is an excellent solution for dry and damaged hair. By coating the follicles, it repairs broken and damaged hair strands to make them soft and silky. Apply to wet hair and work through from the roots to the ends. For optimal results, try a weekly deep conditioning routine. After getting out of the shower, work the amla oil through your hair with your fingers, and make sure to keep the hair warm by wrapping it with a towel. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then rinse out. Don’t be intimidated by amla oil’s pungent smell – it washes out easily and will not linger! If the smell bothers you, get creative and combine the amla oil with your favorite essential oils – you’ll find amla oil hair products are often combined with coconut oil to achieve the same affect.

2) Hair Growth and Hair Loss Prevention

Attempting to grow your hair out can be a real pain. It seems the longer your hair grows, the more prone it is to shedding, and before you know it you are finding hair all over the house! Amla oil can also help abate this annoying habit of our hair by treating the roots with amla oil, you can slow down shedding and hair loss.

amla23) Straightening and Smoothing 

Long-time amla oil users also rave about the oil’s ability to smooth and straighten hard to manage, curly and frizzy hair. New users of amla oil claim to have noticed its ability to tame their hair after only 2-3 treatments!

4) Healthy Scalp and Dandruff

Amla oil is also deeply moisturizing for the skin as well as the hair. Try rubbing a dime-sized dollop of amla oil into your scalp 2-3 times a week to help prevent dry, itchy scalp and dandruff, and if you can, grab a partner to help you apply to your scalp to turn the experience into a full-on head massage!

5) Pigmentation and Gray Hair

Amla oil is a rather dark color, and so after a few regular treatments of amla oil, you may notice your hair color taking on a deeper hue. This particular benefit is especially helpful for those with brown or darker hair as it can enhance your natural color, cover any grays that may appear, and enhance your hair’s natural sleekness and shininess.

6) Therapeutic Massage

As an important part of Ayurvedic medicinal practice, amla oil has long been used as a massage oil. It works as a lubricant to avoid chafing of the skin during massage, and moreover, its high vitamin C content works to nourish and relax the skin. Ayurvedic experts recommend amla oil especially for massaging the scalp, temples, forehead and cheekbones.

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