Accessorize your Look with Unique Hand Fans!

Accessorize your Look with Unique Hand Fans!

WomanwithFanAsian hand fans aren’t just for the Geishas or courtesans of ages past. All over East Asia, and even other parts of the world, you can find women donning hand fans as a nod both to fashion and practicality. With the summer on its way, picking up an Asian-inspired hand fan is an easy way to look and feel stylish and fresh, not to mention that it is an environmentally friendly way to cool off!

Back in the early days of fans when they first came into popularity in East Asia, hand fans were made from silk, bamboo, or feathers adorned with hand-painted scenes, and served as symbols of social status, in addition to serving their purpose of keeping you cool on a warm summer’s day. The Japanese today still believe that fans represent friendship, respect and good wishes.


Of course, an idea as fashionable and sensible as the hand fan did not remain an East Asian secret for long. Today you can find a huge array of hand fans, updated and customized to nearly every conceivable aesthetic and occasion.

Silk hand fans provide a great “fashion asset” for warm-weather events. Silk fans offer both a high fashion and more durable alternative to traditional paper or even lace fans, and having a number of different patterns and colors available in your closet can be as useful as your selection of jewelry or scarves. Don’t overlook the silk fan as a valuable accessory for any outfit!

WoodenFansAnother more alternative option for hand fans are those made from wood. European-style lace fans have vintage, Victorian charm, but they don’t offer much in the way of practical use, and are probably the least durable of all types of hand fans. Wooden hand fans, on the other hand, are the most durable option, most effective in keeping you cool, and offer a distinct and unique twist on what we think of as “traditional” hand fans. And that’s not even the best part about hand fans made from wood – often wooden hand fans are made from such materials as bamboo, but you can also find sandalwood fans. Every time you open up a sandalwood fan, you are greeted with the sweet, musky, minty aroma of sandalwood! What’s more, wooden fans are often created from highly crafted wood ribbing – so even without the painted or embroidered designs of a silk fan, wood hand fans offer just as much to admire in terms of embellishments and craftsmanship.

For silk and wooden fans online:

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  1. Yuko Jasmine Marie says

    I love Asian fans! My favorite must be the red painted hand fan, especially for gifts. It’s large size never fails to charm my friends and it’s pretty useful, too, during the summer and for decoration.:) P.S. May I add to your list? Found a pretty good selection of hand fans there worth checking out.:)

  2. Ying & Yang Living says

    Of course, Yuko, you may add AsianIdeas, I love that website! I have a dark blue one myself with a gorgeous pattern, and I’ve carried around with me in case there was no AC!