Camellia Oil: The All-Around Beauty Product

Camellia Oil: The All-Around Beauty Product

Looking for an all-around product that will make that will benefit your skin, hair, and nails? Well, for many centuries, Japanese Camellia oil has been used for the care of nails, hair, scalp, and combination skin. Also known as tea seed oil or the “olive oil of Asia,” it is doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, and is even edible. In Asia, Camellia oil can be found in everything from cooking oil to paint.  Enriched with both Vitamin E and several other antioxidants, it is these properties that help hair grow faster. Though hair normally grows about ½ to an inch every month, your hair can grow faster when Camellia oil is applied since it keeps your hair both moisturized and shiny. Not to mention the sweet smell it gives you, this oil prevents split ends that can lead to debilitating breakage that ultimately slows growth. Though Camellia is best for dry as well as combination hair, do not fear if you have oily hair. In applying Camellia oil just once or twice a week to your hair in the shower, you can have healthy hair that is neither greasy nor weighed down. When applying to scalp, make sure you rub in a circular motion as this helps stimulate blood circulation, and increases the production of your hair’s natural oils. If you are agonizing over your split ends, concrete Camellia oil at just your ends. With weekly use, you can find not just longer hair, but healthier hair.

CamelliaOilPic1As it can also be used as a sunscreen, Camellia oil also has benefits for your skin, because it blocks damaging UVB light from free radicals. As it helps improve skin elasticity, the benefits are especially great for expecting mothers who are looking forward to their wonderful new baby, but also dreading the stretch marks. In rubbing this oil over your body, it lightly conditions your skin to improve the appearances of stretch marks, and reduce the formation of scar tissue. Unlike most oils, Camellia oil is considered the best grade of oil for aromatherapy, and is even used during various pregnancy messages.

But even if you aren’t an expecting mother, Camellia Oil not only helps smooth, and prevent wrinkles, but it may even help with acne that plagues many young people. Great for dry, rough spots that just can’t be relieved from drugstore lotions, Camellia helps relief dry winter skin. When used on a regular basis, your skin will have that glow, and sheen you thought only those Victoria Secret models had. Even those usually rough places like your elbows, knees, and heels will reveal a supple, and sexy side that you have never seen before. And you don’t have to worry about that nasty greasy residue as this oil is also very absorbent, and rich in plant collagen. If you are suffering from weak nails that break, apply Camellia oil to your cuticles to strengthen your nails. Before you know it people might be asking you if your nails are fake, but little do they know!

You can find Camellia oil in many hair products where it is the main ingredient or you can buy it in the pure oil form. Elemis Spa At Home offers a great Camellia oil blend that you can buy online at The faster you check it out, the faster you are to healthier hair, skin, and nails!

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