Green Tea Bath to Look & Feel Rejuvenated

Green Tea Bath to Look & Feel Rejuvenated


Green tea is one of the healthiest gifts you can give to your body. Long popular in Asia and known throughout the world as a healthy tea, one clever and beneficial use for green tea is to give yourself a green tea bath!

Green tea is not only helpful when ingested, but also helpful as a medicinal bath. You’re probably familiar with the healing power of antioxidants. These amazing substances are nature’s super-healers – they protect your body against the harmful effects of “free radicals,” which are produced when your body breaks down food, or enter your body through environmental exposures such as tobacco smoke or radiation. Therefore, antioxidants are incredibly valuable to us for their cancer and other disease-fighting properties – and, happily, green tea is chock-full of them! Studies have shown that green tea’s particular brand of antioxidant, EGCG, amazingly inhibits cancer growth and even kills cells that are growing inappropriately.

Green tea’s benefits don’t stop at antioxidants – its potent combination of antioxidants and vitamins give the tea antibacterial properties as well, so green tea is great for healing sores, rashes, hemorrhoids, cold sores, or for soothing weary body parts such as sore and tired muscles and afflictions like sprained ankles. Furthermore, green tea’s B vitamins help improve your mood by helping you relax.  A green tea bath after a hard day’s work or a tough work out the gym may be just the thing your muscles are craving!

161002456So exactly how do you make yourself your own green tea bath? The answer is easier than you may think – just like you would steep yourself a cup of tea, steep yourself a green tea bath! Fill the tub and drop in a few bags of green tea – about six should be enough – and wait for the water to turn a golden brown or dark brown color. Once your bath has “steeped,” light a few candles, turn on your favorite playlist, grab a good book, and climb in! For those of you with dryer skin, give yourself a moisturizing boost by adding a half of a cup of honey or olive oil to the bath. Try to soak for as long as possible – about 30 to 40 minutes – or as long as your water stays warm enough! You’ll be amazed at how just a short time in a green tea bath will help you feel recovered and rejuvenated.

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