Lemongrass Benefits for your Skin & Hair

Lemongrass Benefits for your Skin & Hair

We all have eaten our favorite lemongrass Thai dish, but what benefits does it have for your skin and hair?

Lemongrass, an herb grown all over Southeast Asia, has a long history of various practical uses, in cooking, tea brewing, medicine and even cosmetics. Its name comes from the lemony odor the citral oil of the lemongrass plant produces, and different Asian cultures have harnessed this feature of the herb for centuries. In Thailand, Sri Lanka and India, lemongrass is a common flavoring feature of soups, marinades, and curries. The citral oil of the lemongrass plant is also extracted for use as a fragrance in soaps and oils. Lemongrass is even used in products like anti-depressant medications, antifungal treatments, and insect repellent!

Lemongrass has been termed the “regulator of the nervous system” thanks to its ability to induce a calm and relaxed state by opposing our natural “fight or flight” response, and promoting rest and relaxation. As such, lemongrass extract is often added to massage and bath oils in order calm and center a hurried and worried mind. It relieves headaches, symptoms of jetlag, and beats stress.

LemongrassPlantIncluding lemongrass extract in skincare products not only helps boost our mental state, but also provides benefits for the skin itself. As a natural astringent, lemongrass can firm, cleanse, and refine dull skin, as well as minimize pores – as a tissue toner, lemongrass oil can even alleviate muscle soreness. In lotions and creams, lemongrass’s toning properties fight cellulite as well. Lemongrass skincare products can also provides relief for acne – it helps get rid of blackheads! Finally, with its antifungal properties, lemongrass cream not only soothes tired feet after a long run, walk or hike, but also helps fight symptoms of athlete’s foot.

The benefits of lemongrass don’t stop at skincare – lemongrass extract can also be found in various hair care products as well. Lemongrass oil treatments for the scalp not only keep your hair clean and fresh between shampoos, but also promote contraction of the follicles, which helps prevent hair loss. Lemongrass as an ingredient in shampoo can help add volume to flat hair, as well as shine and luster to dry, damaged hair.

With its long list of professed benefits and distinct and enticing smell, its no wonder lemongrass can be found in so many beauty products.

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