Multiple Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Multiple Ways to Use Coconut Oil

CoconutOilWidePicWhen it comes to listing the benefits of one of Asia’s best beauty products–coconut oil–the first question you may find yourself asking is, “Is there anything this miracle product can’t do?” Coconut oil is pervasive in its application and usefulness – whether it’s shinier hair, more luster in their skin, or even boosting immunities and metabolism!

First, give it a try as a moisturizer – for your hair, body and face. Rub a dime-sized amount of coconut oil into dry hair ends or frizzy fly-aways to add hydration. When using coconut oil as a face and body moisturizer, remember that thanks to its relatively “greasy” consistency, a little goes a long way – even a dollop will provide enough moisture for your whole body. Coconut oil’s super-moisturizing powers are particularly great for mid-winter dryness on your hands – try rubbing a bit of oil onto your knuckles and cuticles to prevent skin from cracking and peeling.

Another great use for coconut’s oil moisturizing properties is as a shaving cream – you’ll avoid cuts and scrapes while you make your skin softer! Especially for those of you with more sensitive skin, make sure to buy organic coconut oil – that way you can be sure it’s unbleached and unscented so as not to irritate any skin allergies.
CoconutOilLeavesCoconut oil doesn’t just make a great moisturizer – it’s also a fantastically flexible cosmetic product. After you’ve finished applying your make up, add some coconut oil to the surface just to add a bit of glow. Many cosmetics use coconut oil as a base ingredient for this very property. Not only is coconut oil often used in cosmetics, but it makes a great make-up remover as well. Unlike other make up removing products that can leave your skin feeling dry and greasy, dab a bit of coconut oil onto a cotton ball and use it to remove even water-proof mascara. You’ll be delighted at how well it works, as well as how soft your skin feels afterwards. Coconut oil is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so in addition to using it as a make up remover, many women swear by coconut oil’s use as a nighttime moisturizer as well (although this may not be the best for those who are acne-prone).

And these are just a few of coconut oil’s most popular uses. Many coconut oil fans swear by its myriad different uses, so pick up your own coconut oil and get adventurous with its uses!

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