Persimmon Nutrient for your Skin

Persimmon Nutrient for your Skin

PersimmonPic1The persimmon is a beautiful and unique-looking fruit — so unique, in fact, that you may surprised to learn that it is technically a berry. Although its name is of Greek origin, the most popularly purchased persimmons come to us from China and Japan.

If you’ve never tasted a persimmon yourself, try its delicious and subtle sweetness (don’t be fooled by its tomato-like appearance – they don’t taste anything alike!). There’s more about persimmons than their flavor to surprise you.

Did you know persimmons also offer plenty of health and beauty benefits as well? This divine fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, and so good for your body, both inside and outside.

Persimmons, like many berries, are rich in antioxidants, which sciences has shown time and again to be powerful cancer-fighters. By destroying the body’s naturally-occurring free radicals, the antioxidants in persimmons helps us live longer and healthier.

Persimmons are also rich in a less well-known group of super substances known as phytochemicals or sometimes called phytonutrients. Like antioxidants, phytochemicals work to protect our cells and keep them young. So, it’s not surprising that persimmons, with their high levels of phytochemicals, are becoming a more popular ingredient in skin treatments. Their phytonutrients may keep the skin looking young and refreshed.

Persimmons are also high in one of our favorite vitamins – Vitamin A! Vitamin A is often applied topically to the skin as relief for all sorts of skin ailments – most commonly acne and wrinkles. So, persimmons with their phytonutrients and their Vitamin A will not only keep the older looking younger, but even help the younger fight off acne. No matter your age, persimmons can keep your complexion looking timeless and beautiful.

PersimmonPlumSmallPicAnother surprising mineral present in persimmons is copper. Copper helps our bodies absorb the iron naturally present in many foods. Our bodies need to maintain certain levels of iron in order to maintain healthy levels of red blood cells. Red blood cells, with the aid of the iron bound to them, bring oxygen to every cell in our body. With higher levels of copper in our system, our bodies can in effect absorb more oxygen. The more red blood cells in our system, the more vibrant and radiant our skin looks. Thanks to persimmons, your complexion can stay as ruddy and rosy as a young child’s.

Persimmons are one of those foods that we can enjoy every bite of WHILE enjoying all of the wonderful things they are doing for our bodies and beauty – so pick some up at your local farmer’s market today!

Get your own persimmon body lotion here:

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Or, make your own persimmon face mask at home. Mash some persimmons, an egg yolk and lemon juice together then apply to the face. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse for fresher, younger-looking skin!


  1. AngieG9 says

    We used to have wild persimmons on our farm Moon. They were delicious, but very tricky when grown in the wild, because one side could be wonderfully ripe, while the other side very green. I personally haven’t met a sour fruit or berry that I haven’t loved, but other members of my family would get a bite of the green side and watching them pucker their faces was so funny to me. I loved it, but then I love seeing the humor in everything.

  2. Ying & Yang Living says

    I never saw a persimmon with the green side, as I have only bought them at supermarkets. I long for the days when I can grow my own fruit! We grew up eating them fresh as desserts (Koreans eat fresh fruit for dessert, but I also love chocolate, ice cream, etc. as well). Humor is the only thing that keep us sane and alive!

  3. AngieG9 says

    I grew up in the country and my grandpa introduced us to the wild persimmon. I’ve only seen the cultivated ones in the market in the past 3 years, and the flavor is far superior, but there’s nothing like finding the wild trees and pulling the ‘simmon off the tree and taking your chances on it being fully ripe. And the fun of watching someone take a bite of one that isn’t fully ripe is just too funny for words. All of us, at some point in time, had that experience.

  4. Ying & Yang Living says

    I think going back to country and wild life is a healthy way to live. Just published your Zen Message on my website and will be distributing on FB, LinkedIn, Google+ soon!

  5. AngieG9 says

    I always loved living in the country and having my own garden. If it weren’t for the MS I would probably still be there, but so many bad things happened to me there that I am better off away from the abusive husband. I do miss my herb garden the most though. I get my vegetables from my co-op, so I know they are fresh, but the thrill of harvesting my own herbs is missing.

  6. Ying & Yang Living says

    Give yourself a lot of courage for getting out of that bad situation. Here’s an article I wrote about letting go of bad relationships:


    You have set an example for others by having the courage to do it!