The Magic to Silky, Straight Hair

The Magic to Silky, Straight Hair

FeaturedAsian.hairJPEGWhether wavy, curly, or straight, there is no greener pasture when it comes to getting silky, straight hair without having to use a mass of hair products. No matter how perfect you may think your genes are nobody naturally possesses hair that lays perfectly straight and smooth. But how would it feel to no longer be tempted by the snooze button, and be able to just roll out of bed with perfect hair?  Besides, even if you consider “high maintenance,” I am sure you would prefer spending that extra time sleeping or incorporating one of those glorious workout routines you keep promising to make. Though it is known as the Japanese straightening ionic perm, it gained its popularity in Korean salons known as “Magic Straight.” Magic Straight has been around for years, but only now has it just caught on in the States with women who have said, “enough is enough” to their unruly hair. Once an Asian-phenomenon, it’s popularity has also in turn greatly diversified many clients of this product.

So how does this so-called “magic” work? First, a stylist puts in specialized foam that protects hair, and then carefully coats each strand with a straightening solution that breaks down cystine bonds in your hair shaft. The only side effect is that terrible smell you may recall from perm you may have fashioned during the eighties. After a plastic cap is put over your head, you are left under the heater approximately 30-40 minutes depending on how coarse or curly your hair is. After the straightening solution is rinsed out and the hair is blow-dried, the stylist takes a seemingly regular flat iron that specially locks your into a pin-straightness. As they have to do your hair in sections, this can take up to an hour or an hour-and-a-half.  To even the pH balance in your hair, neutralizer is then put in hair to sit before being rinsed out. After a nice blow out to your nice, new head of hair, you are not allowed to wash your hair for at least two days. You must leave your hair, as any sort of hair product of accessory can bend your now perfectly straight hair. You even have to avoid tucking your hair behind your ear. If you follow-up with these important rules you can expect to have luxuriously straight hair for up to five months.

As many of the steps mirror that of a regular relaxer or straightener, you may still be wondering what the difference is between a normal relaxer as opposed to Magic Straight. If you have tried to chemically straighten, you that straight hair only comes at the cost of dry, damaged hair that no amount of conditioner can wholly restore. But Magic Straight, on the other hand, doesn’t force you to make that excruciating sacrifice that hurts both your wallet and your hair. Magic Straight is unique in the sense that it doesn’t just seek to straighten—it seeks to make hair both smooth and silky. But whereas a normal relaxer might run between $80 and $100, Magic Straight runs between $140 and $400. Though it follows the general steps of other straighteners or relaxers, Magic Straight does take the extra step in making sure that hair has a healthy shine and softness. In the long run you end up saving a lot of money if you do the math—just think how much you spend on hair products. But before going in to get it done, make sure you consult with a stylist as it may not be effective on all hair types. Women with bleached, dyed, or highlighted hair in particular should take special precaution as it might cause further damage. Check with your local Asian salon to see if Magic Straight is right for you!

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