Asian Rice Paddle to Make your Rice Fluffy

Asian Rice Paddle to Make your Rice Fluffy

I have been into many people’s kitchens, and while I know they are eating a lot of rice, I am always surprised why they do not have a rice paddle. In this video, I show you why you must have an Asian rice paddle to make your rice fluffy and delicious.

Inomata 1150 Rice Paddle, White



  1. Denise Jones says

    I love all your ideas very informative. I plan on incorporating what learn from you in my daily life. Thank you for sharing and being you ☺

    • Moon Cho says

      Hello Denise! Thank you for reaching out. I am glad that you find my tips helpful to you, and please feel to comment on anything you see, so I can get a better sense of what is useful. Namaste, Moon