Different Kinds of Korean Kimchi!

Different Kinds of Korean Kimchi!

If there is one food I am seriously addicted to, I have to say it’s Korean Kimchi, which are fermented vegetables the Koreans eat with every meal.  In this video, I talk about different kinds of Korean Kimchi and my favorite ones too!

Can’t find Kimchi in your local supermarket, get it here:
Korean Kimchi:



  1. sharon flores says

    Thanks for the info! Just started fermenting. My first batch was simple: carrots, squash, onions, dried apricots and lots of garlic. My second one I allowed to ferment a d little longer: napa cabbage, hot hot red peppers, onions, and dried shrimp. Nice & spicy!

  2. Ying & Yang Living says

    You’re welcome, Sharon! Wow, Sharon, you are a serious kimchi expert!

  3. EDGAR says

    I love the video on kimchi! Now I know what different varieties are available. Thank you Moon