Chinese Baoding Balls: Living Better, Longer

Chinese Baoding Balls: Living Better, Longer

After a long day at work, it is not always so easy to get out, and go to the gym or take a run. Day after day, you stare at your tennis shoes lying eagerly by the door like a dog waiting to go for a walk. But Chinese Boading balls are a great alternative to fight fatigue, and a healthy way to relax. Coming in a variety of sizes as well as styles, they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hands. Boading Balls have even been listed as one of the secrets to living longer on The Dr. Oz Show. According to every one’s favorite real Doctor who likes to play a TV doctor, Dr. Oz has said that Boading Balls are effective because they, “target acupuncture points that stimulate the energy in our body.” Though they seem like a whole new health phenomenon, Boading balls have actually been around for hundreds of years for therapy.

They are known as “Boading balls” because they are thought to have originated in Boading China thousands of years ago during the Ming Dynasty. As they were originally made out of iron, they were later dubbed as “Chinese Iron Balls.” Modern Boading balls are made out of a mix of lighter materials that are easy to handle as well as carry. Nowadays, they are also known here as “Chinese Exercise Balls,” “Chinese Therapy Balls,” “Chinese Stress Balls,” and “Chinese Health Balls.” All these names reflect their versatility, and wide range of uses. But whatever you want to call them, Baoding Balls are created form chrome-plated steel, and hollow with a chime within that create a pleasing sound to the ears. The two most common types of are the silver colored pair of balls, and the second is, the cloisonné. However, since they both have bells, the difference is entirely cosmetic.

So how do they actually work? In the beginning, you start out with the basic movement of moving the Baoding balls around in one of your hands. At first, you might just notice the awkward clanking of the balls against one another, but once you get them moving, the jerky, uneven movements will gradually become smoother when you concentrate on not hitting the balls against each other. As a beginner, it is important that you choose smaller-sized balls since they are easier to start learning on. Once you improve, you can move up to bigger sized Baoding balls.

Boading balls tone the life force in all living things—better known as your Chi. In turn, the rolling movement around your hand helps increase blood flow. So, the benefits are not isolated to your hands alone, because the benefits then spread to the rest of the muscles, and organs of your body. When moving the Baoding balls around in your hand, several different acupuncture points are pressured while different parts of your Chi are influenced. It is important to go both clockwise and counterclockwise as it maximizes effectiveness. This in turn exercises hand muscles, but also forearm and shoulder muscles as well.

But don’t forget the long-term benefits! Over time, you will be just as nimble with your mind as with your fingers. Your brain will become healthier, and you will find your memory improving. At the end of the day, you will no longer be weighed down with the every day fatigue and stress.  As a result, your life will not only be extended, but your quality of life will be extended.

You can find Boading Balls in your local specialty health stores. If you are one of those savvy online shoppers, you can also visit Amazon or eBay, and them for as low as 9 bucks! Give them a try—they are easy to learn, and have incredible health benefits!


  1. J. says

    Very interesting theory behind these balls. I’ve seen stress balls that are marketed on the web….now i’m wondering how their soft vs. hard qualities make them function differently/similiarly in terms of health benefits…