Chinese Herbal Treatment to Combat Headaches

Chinese Herbal Treatment to Combat Headaches

Head1We all know the feeling of migraine headaches, and while there are many over-the-counter drugs and pills to try and combat them, why not try a more natural approach?  Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a more holistic treatment that may not have the side effects of Western medicine.

As it turns out, many headaches, including migraines, may be linked to other issues, which is why an alternative, holistic approach such as Chinese herbs can offer a helpful, effective method of treatment. Often, headaches are a reaction to an excess of toxins in the body – it could be sensitivity to foods, alcohol, smoke or other environmental toxins. In order to clear the body of toxins, a healthy liver is absolutely essential.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and its arsenal of herbs have long focused on the importance of maintaining healthy digestion. Your liver, gallbladder and colon have such a significant impact on the performance of your other bodily functions. The goal of Chinese herb therapies is to smooth the flow of Liver Qi and clear the Liver Heat. While Western doctors may not use the same words, modern research has shown that the liver and related organs are important underlying systems that affect the way the rest of our bodies and minds feel – including our heads – and traditional Chinese herbs offer relief with little to no reported side effects!

133570308One favorite herb for the treatment of headaches of all kinds is a super detoxifier known as scute root, or in Chinese, Huang Qin. The Chinese hold that scute root works to clear the blood, which in turn clears the head. Its potent antioxidant properties fight chronic inflammation, and it is believed to be even more potent when taken with ginger and bitter orange.


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