Gongs and Bells for your Meditation Practice

Gongs and Bells for your Meditation Practice

152146418Wondering what bells and meditation have to do with each other? It’s not unusual to hear or read about meditation and all of its benefits amidst the stress and chaos of our modern lives. Many Asian meditative practices have remained the same for centuries, and consistent meditative practice has even been shown to foster positive physiological effects, such as decreased blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduced production of stress hormones, and improved oxygen use and immune function.

While that all may be well and good, sinking into a deep state of meditation is easier said than done. Outside noise or even complete silence can be distracting, so that’s why many meditation experts recommend the use of background noise or music — especially that of bells!

Bells have been used for many different purposes in different kinds of meditation practices over the years. In Chinese Feng-shui, bells and cymbals are struck to clear a space of unwanted energy. Alternative healers often use bells to bring balance and peace to their patients. Tingsha, also called Tibetan prayer bells, are one such popular kind of meditation bell. When knocked together, they emit a wonderful, bright sound that, for such a small bell, lasts a surprisingly long time. The two bells of the Tingsha are designed to be slightly out of tune with each other to create a hypnotic effect; as a result, no two Tingsha are ever exactly the same.

Here’s one online:
Tingsha Cymbals (7-metal) 2.5″D-BF005

P10519471Another very common meditation bell is the Tibetan bell, or Buddhist bell. For this kind of bell, you use a dorje to strike it, or, in another variation of the bell sometimes called a Tibetan singing bowl, you can use a smooth wooden stick to stroke the rim to produce a unique, deep ringing sound.

Sometimes, gongs are even used to produce a suitable atmosphere and ambience for meditation! The deep vibrations caused by the sound of a gong are meant to penetrate the muscles, bones, and every fiber of your body in order to initiate deep healing from the inside out.

More bells and gongs online:
Large Tibetan Buddhist Meditation BELL and DORJE Set

Woodstock Zen Table Gong

Tibetan Meditation Om Mani Padme Hum Peace Singing Bowl With Mallet

95628243Or, if you’d rather not purchase bells or gongs for meditation, meditation “soundtracks” are also easily available online:

Music for Healing

Meditation Timers provides ambient bells that you can customize and timers for your meditation.