Tiger Balm: Freeing Yourself from Pain

Tiger Balm: Freeing Yourself from Pain

Let’s face it, aches and pains never come nor go at your convenience. But you can take control of these aches, and pains through using Tiger Balm. Beginning as the all-in-one product, Tiger balm has steadily evolved over decades of age-old traditions from Chinese emperors to more of a wholesome lifestyle brand that specifically treats today’s lifestyle needs. With over 100 years of world-renowned quality, this ancient ointment has been innovated to fit your specific aches, and pains. As Tiger Balm has been used by one-third of the world’s population for over a hundred years, you can rest assured that it is formula that is both tried and true.

Born in the ancient Chinese courts, Tiger Balm was first created by a royal Chinese herbalist. After leaving China to set up a medicine shop of his own where he would have the freedom to experiment, he eventually left it to his two sons after he died. Turning it into a family business would prove to be a success as his sons were shrewd businessmen with clever marketing skills that would immortalize this ointment in pain-relieving history. With a fast acting and soothing formula, it is no wonder why this treatment soon took hold that would last for decades to come.

Unlike most medications, it’s not a matter of will Tiger Balm work for you, but rather which Tiger Balm will work for you. There are two basic types of Tiger Balm—White and Red. While both provide relief to aches and pains, each has a different intensity. For instance White delivers less heat, but more of a warming sensation. But Tiger Balm doesn’t just come in ointment form—it also comes in a highly potent pain-relieving patch form for hard to reach places like the back. In just this 8×4 inch patch, you will find a highly breathable, ventilating cloth with a penetrating warming relief that lets you know it’s getting to the core of even your most excruciating pains. Also depending on the intensity of your pain—you can sample Regular Strength or Ultra Strength. But for arthritis pain, the Tiger Balm Arthritis rub is best.

The main ingredients in Tiger Balm include: petroleum jelly, paraffin, cajuput oil, camphor, mint oil, menthol, and camphor. Though these ingredients make for a safe formula, excessive use can lead to skin irritation. But this can easily be avoided by following the directions of using it only 3 times daily. Since it doesn’t leave a nauseating lingering scent, you can don’t have to worry about avoiding certain times of the day to apply it.

What makes Tiger Balm so effective is it’s ability to treat a wide variety of ailments from arthritis and sprains to headaches and insect bites. As we live in an overmedicated society, it helps reduce your dependence or even need for prescription painkillers. This is great for concerned parents looking for a safe, alternative treatment for children who are most sensitive to medications.

With real-life testimonials from happy, pain-free customers from around the world, you can find relief that you rely on. You can find your own supply of Tiger Balm by visiting Amazon where it ranges depending on the type of Tiger Balm you order. For example, you can buy the original tiger balm formula for as low as about $14, but the patch form can run as high as around $30. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find it at your local Walgreens or by visiting their website. But be sure to check out tigerbalm.com for articles on simple (but fast-acting) self-massage techniques for your legs, head, neck, and shoulders.

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  1. Jeann says

    wow I’ve heard about this balm but did not know they sell it at Walgreens, which makes it very accessible. This was a very informative article that I really enjoyed!