Asian-Fusion Wedding Tips!

Asian-Fusion Wedding Tips!

Making your wedding uniquely memorable while still keeping it traditional can be difficult. After spending long, seemingly endless months planning your wedding, it is important to have a fun reception where you can finally celebrate both your hard work, and marriage. This is why incorporating a few Asian-Fusion style pieces is absolutely perfect! With its unique colors, shapes, patterns, tastes, and sounds, you can be sure to make your wedding truly special and fun. There is no better place to do this than the wedding reception where you will share your first few special moments with both your husband and family. Many of these Asian-inspired decorations are also multi-purpose, so they can both save money, and look chic. Here are just a few simple additions you can add!

For instance, Chinese Take-Out Boxes can be used to serve wedding dessert or the appetizers in. Since they are so conveniently portable, they can also be used as a way for guests to store and take home their favors, treats, and desserts they receive during the wedding. After all, how many times do you see food left at the table left to go to waste? But if you are looking to use them for more of a sentimental rather than practical means, you decorate them yourself by adding a pretty ribbon, wrapping them in colored tissue paper, or even painting them. Also, in setting up a special table in the reception area, you can use these Chinese Take-Out boxes as a more sentimental piece by having guests use them to store their well wishes and luck. This tends to be less painful then the American ritual of having rice pelted in your face. You can buy Chinese Take-Out boxes in bulk on various online sites for as low as $2.75 a piece.

Asian fans are another flattering Asian-inspired decoration that can help spice up your wedding reception tables. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding in the middle of a sweltering summer or an overly heated indoor winter wedding, you will find them both beautiful and practical. In addition to being a great self-ventilator, Asian fans can also be simultaneously used as a reception menu. In a wide assortment of decorations and colors, you peruse EBay and find some deals for as low as $2! Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a great way to add a stylish flair to your wedding table. In folding your table napkins in the shape of a swan or fortune cookie, you can also use them to hold seating place cards for your guests.

The Chinese Double Happiness symbol is a great idea for your wedding reception, because it is a great conversation starter for those families, and friends who suddenly find themselves stuck together at one table. This symbol tells the young love story of a young student on his way to take an examination in order to become a court minister. After falling ill while passing through a mountain town, he is quickly restored to health by herbalist, and his young daughter whom he falls in love with. You can incorporate this symbol in a variety of ways as well. You can put this symbol on guest menus and candles, have them embroidered on napkins, or even have the symbol hung on the wall behind the bride and groom table. In just taking a quick search on the Internet, you can discover various designs that fit your wedding best. Marking your wedding with this symbol will also bring you luck for a long, joyous marriage together.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to be Asian to enjoy the rich culture and traditions of Asian culture. In adding just a few simple Asian-inspired décor can make your wedding both memorable and unique. After all, like all wedding traditions, the goal is to unite two beloved hearts into one.

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