Japanese Origami Bouquets: Flowers That Last Forever

Japanese Origami Bouquets: Flowers That Last Forever

Wedding season is just around the corner, and brides are seeking the perfect floral arrangements for their special day. Instead of the traditional natural flower bouquet, walk down the aisle with a beautiful origami flower bouquet.

The bridal bouquet signifies fertility and the bride’s feelings towards the marriage by the types of flowers she carries. Modern brides are now planning their whole wedding on the creative and artsy side. One of the recent unique trends is the replacement of traditional bouquets to new and innovative ideas for non-floral bouquets like origami bridal bouquets. Origami originated from Japan in the early 17th century as the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Since then, origami has evolved into a modern art form.

Origami floral pieces are actually quite inexpensive compared to natural floral bouquets. You can save a lot more if you decide to replace the centerpiece floral arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres with origami flowers.

Origami bouquets are also eco-friendly and great for those looking to go green for their wedding. Wedding bouquets and floral arrangements are often used for the wedding day and tossed out the day after. And many flowers are imported from developing countries with high pesticide use, labor conditions, carbon emissions and low wages. You can create your own eco-chic bouquets from recycled materials like vintage magazines or old novels.

There are endless possibility of bouquet arrangements with patterns and colors for these origami flowers. If you are crafty enough and up for the challenge, you can save yourself money by making your own bouquet arrangement. There are many websites that teach you how to DIY your own origami bridal bouquets and thousands of pictures for inspiration. And for those who don’t have the time for arts and crafts, there are websites that customize and create the perfect origami bouquet of your dreams.

Here are some websites to order your origami wedding bouquet:

Origami Delight



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