Prosperity in the Year of the Horse

Prosperity in the Year of the Horse

YearOfHorsePic3In the East, the end of January and beginning of February calls for the most important and well-loved holiday in all of Asia: the lunar New Year! Although this week-long celebration takes all different forms across different countries, the Chinese New Year is perhaps most well-known in the West for its illustrious traditions and the significance of the Chinese Zodiac.

Celebrating the lunar new year isn’t just about gathering with family to anticipate the arrival of spring. It’s also about embracing change and all the wonderful progress it brings. This year, on January 31, the Chinese welcome the Year of the Horse. Like each member of the Zodiac, the Horse brings its own particular kinds of changes for 2014. So what do you have to look forward to in the coming year?

Building relationships

The zodiac Horse has long been a symbol of loyalty and companionship. Just as horses were tamed from ancient times to be loyal and dependable, so do those of us born in the year of the horse tend to be reliable and trustworthy friends.

Whether you were born in the year of a Horse or not, in 2014, take advantage of this auspicious year and reach out – whether it’s a romantic relationship, a familial relationship, making new friendships or rekindling old ones, the year of the Horse is the ideal time to be working on your relationships with others.

YearofHorseFeaturedImgAchieving your goals

Horses are also known for being ambitious. Those born in the zodiac year of the Horse tend to be tenacious and unwilling to give up, even when the going gets tough. This year, channel the spirit of the Horse for yourself. Be honest with yourself about what your goals are and what you really want, stop wasting time and make it happen! 2014 is the year you’ve been waiting for to turn the plans you’ve been harboring into realities. Take a note from the zodiac Horse and get moving!

Saving more money

While those born in the zodiac year of the Horse may be known for their boundless energy and productivity, they’re also known for making prudent financial decisions. It’s easy (especially after the holidays!) to feel broke and make impulsive spending decisions, but this year allow the zodiac Horse to guide you towards saving money. Besides, needless consumption will just distract you from those goals you should be working for and relationships you should be working on.


Life is about the experiences you fill it with, so take the money you might have spent on more material THINGS and put it towards a trip to an exotic new place. Horses are known for their spirit of adventure and exploration, so make 2014 an adventure for yourself. Plan a trip (it doesn’t have to be expensive!) and start accumulating memories instead of objects purchased. Invite some of your new friends to come along with you.

YearofHorsePic2Learning a new craft

Horses are known for their wit and intelligence, which also helps them win friends so easily! So on top of focusing your energies on maintaining relationships with those you care about, use that zodiac Horse intellect to develop a new hobby or take up a long forgotten one, perhaps playing the piano you haven’t touched in years? Buy some sheet music and teach yourself a new song! Enjoy tinkering with computers?  Teach yourself a computer programming language!

The Chinese know that the lunar new year means change for the better, so take a note from the Lunar New Year festivities happening all across Asia this winter and change yourself for the better.

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