Wedding Dress with a Kimono Flair!

Wedding Dress with a Kimono Flair!

KimonoGown1In the search for the perfect yet unique wedding dress?  At this celebration of love, shared with friends and family, we want to both acknowledge tradition and our heritage. We also want to make distinctive additions that make our particular wedding stand out from others, extra-special to our guests and ourselves. One way to make your own wedding extra-special is with an Eastern-inspired wedding dress.

The kimono, or Japanese robe, is most often worn by women on special occasions – so what could be more appropriate than incorporating kimono-inspired style into your wedding dress? For those of us looking to honor family customs and history, or those of us simply looking to celebrate a love for Asian culture, a red kimono wedding dress or red kimono bridesmaid dresses are a bold and yet, very traditional choice for wedding apparel. Although in Japan, a white wedding kimono may be worn in order to symbolize purity, most often in East Asian countries, the bride wears red, because this cherished color represents good fortune and happiness.

You can find a huge collection of traditional style red wedding kimonos at Aliexpress.

For those of us looking to draw our inspiration from Eastern styles and Japanese traditional kimonos, there are myriad ways in which 21st century stylists have borrowed ideas from the Asian tradition to create updated but still culturally conscious wedding dresses. Many contemporary wedding dress designers have incorporated kimono-style aspects into their pieces, such as adding a red obi (sash) to a white dress, or a big, elaborate, symmetrical bow of ribbon.


Asutralian-based designer Bridal Culture no longer takes new orders, but still maintains their gallery of the hundreds of Asian-inspired weddings for which they have designed. Take a note from the brides for whom they’ve designed – some have stayed true to their roots and preferred gowns constructed completely according to tradition, while other brides (and grooms!) have found ways to incorporate more subtle Eastern flourishes into their bridal wear. Bride Sachi even found ways to incorporate the Japanese tradition into her bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ dresses as well.  Whatever your preference, visit their gallery for your own inspiration.

So find a unique twist to the center piece of your wedding—the wedding dress—with stunning kimono-inspired designs.