4 Simple Ways to Fengshui Your Kitchen

4 Simple Ways to Fengshui Your Kitchen

134110423Fengshui, developed some 3,000 years ago in ancient China, is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. According to the principles of fengshui, the kitchen is the most important part of the home. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity, because as the place of storage, preparation, and enjoyment of your daily meals, it literally nourishes and sustains life. So, how do you align your home’s kitchen to the principles of fengshui in order to reap the most wealth and prosperity for your family?


865306891) Keep your kitchen towards the back of your home

By keeping your kitchen away from the front door of the home, you prevent feng shui energy from escaping through the entrance. It’s important that this energy remains in the kitchen, because the food you eat is intended to give you energy in order to rejuvenate you. So, keep your kitchen, chef and meals energetic by keeping the kitchen away from the front door!

2) Keep your kitchen bright, open and vibrant

A cluttered, dark kitchen isn’t just impractical; it’s also bad for fengshui. Instead of overloading your kitchen with gadgets, junk mail, and other clutter, keep it simple – simplify your kitchen and your life by trashing what you don’t need. Make sure your kitchen windows allow plenty of light in, and if you lack proper natural lighting, make sure to install several levels of proper lighting. An airy, bright, and spacious kitchen is a welcoming kitchen.

864962243) Incorporate fresh plants

Just as the ideal food you prepare and serve is clean and fresh, so should your kitchen adornments. Maximize the fengshui energy of your kitchen with the addition of a vase of freshly cut flowers, potted greenery, or, if you’re not one for caring for plants, a simple bowl of fruits or vegetables. Don’t just focus on the visual aspect, either – how does your kitchen smell? Sometimes all you need is the addition of some fresh herbs to enhance the smell of your kitchen – mint, basil, oregano and chives are just a few examples of herbs that are especially easy to grow and maintain indoors, and are a welcome addition to many recipes!


1135819954) Choose bright colors

Keep your kitchen’s atmosphere fresh by choosing bright, rejuvenating colors. According to fengshui, yellow is the most ideal color for a kitchen – just like the sun that is so vital to raising the food we eat, the color yellow reminds us of the centrality of the kitchen to the family and our home lives.

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