4 Ways to Boost Your Driveway’s Fengshui

4 Ways to Boost Your Driveway’s Fengshui


The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui puts a lot of emphasis on entryways – with correct positioning relative to your geography, even before you walk in the door of the house, you can channel positive energy and good fortune into your home. For all the effort we expend to make our homes as comfortable and beautiful as possible, we tend to forget something as important as our driveway! With just a few simple and easy touches, you can make your driveway a channel not just for your family and visitors, but also for all the positive feng shui “Qi” they bring with them.


CurvyDriveway1) Create gentle curves: 

Gently curving pathways and drives are ideal for the flow of qi. The principles of feng shui warn that a pathway (or driveway) too straight and direct will cause qi to rush full force to flood the front door of your house. A driveway or other path leading to your front door that is too straight is called a “poison arrow.” A curved driveway and front walk, on the other hand, will allow qi to meander serenely to your home. If you have a straight driveway or front walk, try placing potted-plants in circular pots on either side of your driveway to create gentle curves – and make sure to choose an odd number of pots for good luck! Avoid numbers like 4, as those are representative of death in Chinese and feng shui culture.

2) Keep your plants healthy and well groomed:

When choosing potted-plants for the driveway or flowers for front walks, make sure that you keep these plants well-tended and healthy, as sick or dying plants, according to feng shui, are said to affect the health of any elderly members of the household. Even unkempt, messy and untended plants can bring bad chi to your home, its inhabitants, and visitors.



3) Decorate the end of your driveway:

It’s not just too-straight driveways that can cause a negative flow of qi – driveways that narrow at the end toward the road are also said to limit career or business opportunities. To alleviate a driveway of this make, try placing an address marker, a sign with the family name, flowers along the mailbox, or ideally, a lamppost at the foot of the driveway to mark and illuminate the way, lighting up the front door and front of the house.

Front Door4) Maintain an inviting front door:

A driveway or walkway that is narrower than the front door stifles qi, but a wide, bright front door that is visible from the street is important for inspiring positive and inviting feelings in members of the household and your guests. Make sure to keep its paint bright and new, as peeling paint invites bad energy and deters guests.

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