5 Ways to Decorate your Home with Asian Tapestries

5 Ways to Decorate your Home with Asian Tapestries

RedTapestryforWebOriental tapestries and rugs can make a beautiful focal point to any room of the house – as long as you know how to decorate with them!


Of course, these beautiful oriental silk tapestries have also been used as rugs for centuries. With all their vibrancy, oriental rugs can serve as a centerpiece and inspiration for the rest your room decor and design. Pull colors for wall paint, bedspreads and flowers from colors in the oriental rug, but avoid choosing other designs or colors too bright that might compete with the oriental rug. Avoid using oriental rugs to decorate kitchens and bathrooms as the material is sensitive to grease and steam.

Wall Hanging

For homes with children, pets or a lot of foot traffic, decorating with an oriental rug may not be the best decision. Instead, try decorating with an oriental tapestry. Simply measure the wall space available, choose an oriental tapestry to fit the room’s decor and wall’s size, mount a tapestry rod to the wall, hang and enjoy!


Do you have noisy neighbors or roommates? Thin walls? Oriental tapestries are a great, easy way to quickly fix the problem. An oriental tapestry hanging on the wall will add more than just decor to the room – it will also discourage and dampen sound from coming through the wall.

LongTapestryImprove a Room

Wish you had a bigger house? Instead of spending the money on renovations, try hanging a horizontal oriental tapestry in an otherwise small room. The horizontal shape will make the room appear larger and longer. For rooms without windows, try hanging an oriental tapestry that features archways or doorways to create a feeling of openness. Having trouble sleeping in your bedroom or focusing in your home office? Try hanging an oriental tapestry that depicts a pastoral scene to create a sense of calm and comfort.

Decorate for the Holidays

Thanks to the way they are hung, oriental tapestries are easily switchable, so you can change them depending on your room’s holiday décor.  For example, by choosing an oriental tapestries with more red and green for Christmas time, or switching out an elephant tapestry for a Buddha or dragon oriental tapestry for Chinese New Year. Have fun with it!


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