Feng Shui your Home with Shoe Racks

Feng Shui your Home with Shoe Racks

106552481In the West when we arrive as a guest at someone’s home, it’s often polite to at least offer to take off our shoes, but in the East, the custom goes without question – when stepping into a friend’s home, you should always remove your shoes! When you remove your shoes before entering someone’s home, it symbolizes leaving your worldly cares and concerns at the door. The Chinese practice of feng shui also holds rules and standards for how to properly place a shoe rack in one’s home. The shoe rack is placed near the door not just because it is the practical place for it, but also because the door is the “Mouth of the Chi”, or where energy activates and enters your home. According to feng shui, when you take off your shoes and place them on the shoe rack, they should all point in the same direction – shoes pointing in represent missed opportunities, while shoes pointing out represent open opportunities.  Even though such habits may not be common practice in most Western homes, you might find yourself envying how useful and pragmatic a shoe rack can be – so here’s how to find one for your own home.

An Asian-inspired bench for the front hallway will also make it easier and more convenient for guests to remove their shoes:


Oriental Furniture Classic Asian Furniture and Decor 30-Inch Ivory Lacquer Dragon Design Shoe Cabinet

Shoe racks are nothing new to the Western world. You can find some great, simple and inexpensive Western models to incorporate the Asian practice into your foyer:

Lynk 145904 20-Pair Shoe Rack

Or in wood:

Winsome Wood Foldable 4-Tier Shoe Rack, Natural

But, you can also find plenty of designs using materials from the East, such as bamboo shoe racks:

Oceanstar SR1231 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

Enclosed shoe cabinets are also a good option:

BlackEnclosedShoeRackEnitial Lab Brisk 5-Shelf Shoe Cabinet, Black

In East Asian countries, hosts don’t expect you to simply walk around barefoot after removing your shoes – most Asian homes also contain a collection of slippers to choose from once you remove your outdoor shoes. Especially for cooler climates, it’s also a nice idea to have slippers available for your guests – you’ll keep your floors clean and your guests’ feet warm! Keep it simple – if you have a variety of different sized unisex flip flops or slip-ons, that’s all you need.


Slipper socks are an option as well – and easy to clean:

Sakkas 20303Solid Super Soft Anti-Slip Fuzzy Slipper Socks Value Assorted 6-Pack – Soft Stripe


  1. Ying & Yang Living says

    It is also a way to show respect, and Asians are big on respect. Glad you like Asian customs.

  2. Melody Gabrielle says

    yes I have noticed this. I teach Raqs Sharqi (Oriental Dance in Arabic- so dances from the Middle East) All of my Eastern students as if they should take their shoes off straight away. I can see that it pains them to enter without taking off their shoes.

  3. Ying & Yang Living says

    That is so wonderful and unique that you teach Oriental Dance in Arabic to Asian students, and glad to learn that they are showing you respect by taking off their shoes.