Bring Luck to Your Home with the Dragon

Bring Luck to Your Home with the Dragon

Gong Hai Fat Choi, Sun Nien Fai Lok! Happy Chinese New Years! Happy Year of the Dragon! It’s a new year and a time for new change, as the sign of wealth and power come into play. Look forward to great success and better luck for 2012 as we switch from the year of the Rabbit to the year of the Dragon.   To attract the auspicious power and energy of the Year of the Dragon, decorate your home with dragon symbols and images.

The Dragon is a great symbol of good fortune and everyone is looking forward to sharing the Dragon’s wealth this year. In Chinese culture, this legendary mythical creature symbolizes good luck, intense power, magnificent strength and great superiority. The dragon, revered as a divine beast, is so special that it is used as a symbol of the Emperor of China. This year will bring about plenty of opportunities and great changes for everyone. The year of the Dragon will give you good luck on your pursuit of dreams and ambitions.

The year of the Dragon has the potential to bless your life with wealth, fortune and happiness in your career, relationships and your health. To reap the benefits of the Dragon into your own life for 2012, here are some dragon decorating tips, which you can purchase on-line:

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