Creating Your Zen Bathroom

Creating Your Zen Bathroom

Revitalizing your bathroom can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of Zen inspired paint.  As your bathroom is the first place you wake up to each morning, having a relaxing, and cheerful bathroom space is important. Most people tend to paint their bathrooms in dull creams and taupes, because they tend to wear well and fit into any design scheme during resale. Nevertheless, these startling starkness of these colors can make your bathroom seems uninviting, and downright cold. In choosing from a Zen-color palette can subtly transform your bathroom, and state of mind. Though the word “Zen” tends to be tossed around on popular TV shows as well as magazines, it actually represents “meditation” in Japanese. That Zen influence makes us think of peace, quite, and sophisticated simplicity. Your bathroom should be your personal retreat during life’s most stressful moments, so why not decorate it in that way?

Some helpful Zen colors are blue, green, red, and yellow. In adding a blue hue to your bathroom, you can instantly add a cool, and positive energy into your bathroom. If you hesitate in painting your bathroom in blue, try incorporating this shade into the bathroom art or towels. If your bathroom is on the quaint side, the color green is a great way to open up your bathroom, and make it appear a little more spacious. Whether it’s more a more muted tone or a bold sage, the Zen color, green, represents vigor, harmony, youth, and action. Though red is generally associated with blood and fire, you can use just a hint of this Zen color in a more earth-toned shade to give it a calming affect. Red represents the sacred, a life force, and preservation. If you prefer to skip the paint, you can even just add some candles or curtains to give it the same effect. Finally, the Zen color yellow is known to inspire a bright and thoughtful reflection. Whether you have a spacious or a small bathroom, the lightness of the color is a fitting choice for both. Even though it seems like you are choosing just one color, you can also use multiple shades of the same color, and blend them together.

Other ways to achieve that warm, Zen effect come to the very way you organize your bathroom. First, remove all the clutter that tends to form around your bathroom sink. Get back down to the mere basics like a bar of soap near the facet, and put all your toiletries in your cabinet or adding some shelves to put them on. Rolling up some towels into some sort of wicker or bamboo basket can also be a great place to store towels while giving your bathroom that cool, spa-like effect. Plus, I bet you can’t even count how many times you have got into the shower, and forgot a clean towel. Having towels right there is not only fashionable, but also convenient. But choose quality when it comes to your towels—like organic cotton, hemp, or even bamboo. Made from natural resources, they are will not only hold up, but also will be eco-friendly as well. Another practical Zen addition is maybe replacing that old black-and-white with some natural pebble tile. Though pebble stone is great in bathrooms since it helps provide better gripping when the floor gets wet. But make sure that you choose the pebble tile with a mesh backing, as this will help it hold up longer. For some unique designs and great deals, visit to get closer to your new bathroom!


  1. michelle says

    our house recently got a paint job. Now some of our rooms are baby blue and some are baby pink. These colors really put one in an uplifting mood.

    • Ying & Yang Living says

      Those colors sounds lovely and very inducive to positive motion. We would love for you to share pictures with us, if possible, on facebook!