Bless your Home with Asian Calligraphy!

Bless your Home with Asian Calligraphy!

CalligraphyHandThe ancient art of calligraphy is as popular today as it was back in the days of the Chinese Song Dynasty. The delicate beauty of calligraphy’s ornate brushstrokes create a soft and romantic work of art, while its intricate details convey poetry and wisdom to add deeper meaning. As traditional and beloved as calligraphy is – now not just in the Far East, but in the Western world as well – how does one choose the perfect piece for your home?

For your home’s doorway and foyer, Chinese or Japanese calligraphy art is an ideal choice. From ancient dynasties to modern times, Asian households have placed the character for “blessings” above or on either side of their doorframe, believing that the characters and phrase can protect and bring luck to the home.  Still others choose phrases like “love,” “longevity” or “happiness” – whatever sentiment appeals to you, feel free to decorate with it!

CalligraphyEtsyCalligraphy artwork is also often used to decorate the bedroom or living room, and it’s often often popular to incorporate peaceful landscape scenes including blossom or river imagery. Famous Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige is renowned for creating vividly colorful and dynamic landscape paintings, many of which incorporate calligraphy.  Here are two affordable prints:


 “Love” Japanese Framed Calligraphy Print, Oriental Calligraphy

Oriental Furniture Unique Simple Beautiful Affordable Art Gift Idea 35-Inch Asian Landscape Sumi-e Ink and Watercolor Calligraphy Scroll Hanging

Still other calligraphy designs focus on symbols of the Chinese zodiac. Decorate with your or your family member’s birthday year.  Or switch every year with the lunar calendar! Zodiac calligraphy wall art is easily found at a variety of different vendors:

Asian Oriental Chinese Zodiac Scroll with All 12 Animals Printed on Bamboo-like Stitched Panels 12.5 inches X 32 Inches

CaligraphyBlueFinally, don’t be so intimidated by calligraphy as to avoid trying it for yourself! Writing calligraphy may look difficult, and certainly those accomplished calligraphers are considered great artists, but practicing your own calligraphy can make for a fun activity that satisfies those creative urges – and saves you the cash of buying the artwork!

Howcast provides simple, step-by-step instructions for beginners:

This website on Chinese calligraphy hopes to make this long-loved art accessible for Westerners as well, and details all the tools and techniques you’ll need to get started.