Dine With a Different Kind of Dish

Dine With a Different Kind of Dish

Tired of seeing the same boring plain colored white porcelain plates? Want a more unique set of dinnerware to add more zest to your meals? Impress your dinner guests with bold Asian inspired dinnerware.  These Asian patterns and themes can also make a wonderful gift for newlyweds. From ceramic to porcelain to stone plates, there are a variety eye-catching patterns and Zen colored designs to play up your dining table. Decorate and style with elegance to enhance your dining experience.

Here are some ideas for Asian inspired dinnerware to create your own enchanting table setting:

Japanese Blooming Blossoms: Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan. The delightful little flowers represent life, love and new beginnings. Look for plates with beautiful cherry blossom patterns.

Night & Day Cherry Blossom Plates

Cascading Cherry Blossoms

Chinese Calligraphy: Each dish has its own piece of exotic art.  Your table setting will pop out with style in these poetic strokes of calligraphy. Calligraphy dinnerware is perfect for an urban and creative setting.

Chinese Calligraphy

Black & White Calligraphy 

 Japanese Glazed Dishes: Japanese style glazed dinnerware is perfect for you if you want an earthly refreshing nature inspired table setting. These plates have beautiful watercolor gradients with a smooth glossy finish. The rough outside finish gives off a rough unfinished look for a contemporary feel

Blue Japanese Chinese Plate

Wheat & Green Glaze 

Asian Symbolisms: Try these bold and powerful plates with Asian symbols, like Chinese words or Chinese Zodiac animals. The symbolism of the plates will add good Feng Shui and energy to your home.

Red Dragon Serving Plate

Irezumi Ink Dish

Thai Celadon: This beautiful pale ethereal colored glazed dinnerware works well for a contemporary romantic modern table setting. Thai celadon is hand-made from all natural raw materials produced with ancient Thai stoneware pottery traditions.

Thai Celadon






  1. Artsy. says

    These plates are beautiful. It would be a delight to serve food in them to my house guests.

  2. M. says

    The plates are such elegant art pieces. Imagine them sitting in my cabinet makes me smile!