Egg Hunting in the East: Asian-inspired Easter Eggs

Egg Hunting in the East: Asian-inspired Easter Eggs

Hatch your Easter eggs the Eastern way. While we enjoy the pretty pastel decorations on a traditional Easter egg, spice up your eggs with unique Asian tips and techniques to make your Easter eggs more bold and daring.  Add some Asian fusion to this Western holiday tradition.

Eggs of Art

If you are up for a crafty challenge to amp up the artistic quality of your eggs, try Asian inspired paintings on your eggs. The egg-shell white serves as your blank canvas. You can paint Japanese flowers and birds with acrylic paint. Here is a blog to help inspire your next mini masterpiece.

Eggs of Elegance

Washi eggs are a traditional Japanese art form of using fine hand-made paper from Japan to decoupage eggs. Use chiyogami, colorful pattern designs of flowers, plants, butterflies, geometric designs and birds on washi paper, and apply it to the outside of your empty egg shells for vibrant and colorful patterned eggs. Here’s a link to DIY your own washi eggs.

 Colorful Crackle

Inspired by Chinese Tea Eggs, these food coloring crackle designs are simple to make and safe to eat. Tea eggs are a traditional savory Chinese snack using spices, soy sauce and black tea leaves to give the hard boiled eggs a marbled effect. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to achieve your own delicious artsy designs.

Imperial Designs

Make your own decorative lacquered eggs with Chinese symbols. This tutorial shows you how to make imperial looking eggs with stamps and decoupaged Chinese newspaper clippings. A high gloss spray finishes the look of these beautiful eggs.


  1. happy easter says

    The drawings are a brillant and artistic touch. IHad they not been viewed closely, the drawings simply looked like imitation of egg crackle.