4 Ways to Feng Shui your Home with Windows

4 Ways to Feng Shui your Home with Windows

WindowPic1The ancient Chinese philosophy of fengshui is a complex body of knowledge dealing with space and energy, or what is known as chi. By using fengshui to determine the appropriate arrangement of spaces, you can balance chi and bring your home optimum levels of health and good fortune for all who reside there.

3000 years of fengshui knowledge and practice means there is a lot to learn – the keys to understanding fengshui and harnessing its powers are not easily understood. Happily, we’ve gathered some quick and easy tips to maximize one of the most important parts of your home’s fengshui and chi: windows!

Clean, pristine windows

Windows (and doors) are known in fengshui as the eyes of the home. This is because chi is able to flow into your house through these gateways. So, if you have windows that are dusty, smeared, or even broken or cracked, you are impeding the amount of chi your home could have. Don’t neglect your windows – keep them clean and your home happy!

Here’s an environmentally friendly glass cleaner: Green Earth

WindowPic2Beautiful views

Unfortunately not every angle your windows show can have the perfect view. Especially for city living, this can be a big challenge – you might be stuck gazing out across a dingy alleyway or even into gutters if you’re in a basement room. Good fengshui requires views that will inspire you to greater things in life, so find uplifting and motivating views with products like Window Film.  It’s very affordable and you’ll have great views year round – no matter the weather!

Big enough windows

Sometimes the problem is that our home simply lacks enough windows or big enough windows to let in enough light. If your home doesn’t have enough natural light and you’re not going to invest in installing new windows anytime soon, there are plenty of less expensive ways to make big changes. Simple additions to the room such as mirrors and glass will provide more reflective surfaces for what light does filter in. Full Spectrum light bulbs are not only more environmentally-friendly, but they may even provide enough quality light to a room to help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder during those long winter months.

WindowPic3Plenty of fresh air

In order to let as much chi in as possible, open your windows as often as possible to facilitate the circulation of both fresh air and chi. That’s easy to say for those of us who live in temperate climates in quieter areas, but what about for city living? Try air-purifying plants like Spider Plant or Peace Lillies or get an air-purifier. Your home’s fengshui and your lungs will thank you!

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