Wind Chimes for a Positive “Qi” Energy for your Home

Wind Chimes for a Positive “Qi” Energy for your Home

WindchimeIn many Asian cultures, wind chimes do more than provide background music for a windy day. From Bali to Tibet to Japan, people have been hanging wind chimes for centuries not only as a decoration, but, more significantly, as a way to calm the mind and awaken the spirit. Ancient Chinese kings also knew that music and different tones can bring people’s inner feelings and external behavior into balance, so wind chimes and their charms could bring peace to an entire nation. Chinese philosophers, astronomers, and mathematicians spent years searching for the perfect pitch at which to set their wind chimes. So how can you harness the power of wind chimes for your own home and family?

1) Tranquility

In a tense period, the sound of wind chimes can promote relaxation and a willingness to listen, understand and cooperate.  Instead of letting an argument escalate, allow yourself exposure to the composing and calming effects of wind chimes. Wind chimes soothe and quiet anger while inspiring peace and restfulness.


2) De-stress

Everyone knows that stress affects in both psychological and physiological ways, and is at the root of many of our modern ailments. In such a fast-paced world as ours, using wind chimes to decorate the porch can dissolve moods of anxiety and quell useless worries. Instead of continuing to allow distressing thoughts plague you, let go and relax to the sound of wind chimes.

3) Re-energize

After a long day (or long weeks) of work, wind chimes can help to relax and rejuvenate. When work or life has fatigued you, the sound of wind chimes can resolve inertia and restore vitality. The resonance and vibration of sound releases lethargy and infuses the mind with energy.


4) Restore the balance of “Qi”

Feng shui refers to the fundamental elements of the earth’s energy, which is known as “qi.” Positive flow of qi brings about a happy, healthy life, whereas negative flow of “qi” can bring destruction and bad luck. The Chinese believe that wind chimes can enhance the flow of positive qi while allaying the flow of negative “qi.” Sound has the power to connect us with our environment, and when we hear the tinkle of wind chimes, we are reminded of the need for our own harmony with nature, while, at the same time, we block out those man-made noises like car horns and construction.

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