Bring the Peace of Water Indoors with Asian Fountains

Bring the Peace of Water Indoors with Asian Fountains

AsianFountainArticlePicWater is a crucial feng shui component. It’s so foundational, in fact, that fengshui directly translates to “wind water.” In other words, fengs hui, or the principles of maximizing the healthy energies in your home, relies heavily on natural forces like water.

Not all of us can own beach or lakefront property (although you can build your own koi pond!), but you can still integrate the fengshui powers of water into your home with a simple and elegant asian-style water fountain. Such an inexpensive and easy addition can make a big impact on your home without doing the same to your wallet or time.

Here are some asian water fountains for your home:

Hand of Buddha

The great thing about this pick for an indoor water fountain is not just the incorporation of water to enhance your home’s qi, but also the addition of the Buddha statue to your home. This particular mudra, or hand gesture, is known as “the seal of patience”.

The middle finger is said to represent the courage to adhere to your responsibilities and duties, while the thumb is said to represent fire and divine nature. Therefore, together, this hand gesture stands for focus, discipline, and patience — all essential elements for keeping an orderly, happy home and life.

Urn Pouring Zen Asian Water Fountain

Like the Hand of Buddha indoor water fountain before, this fountain adds double the benefits to your home. Not only do you receive the benefits of water to your home’s qi, but also you get a little piece of Zen for your living room, hall, or kitchen.

According to Zen, five elements make up the universe — Earth, Fire, Wind, Sky and, of course, Water. Because water is formless and always flowing, it’s adaptable, always changing according to the seasons and its environment. Like water, Zen teaches us all to learn adaptability and flexibility to meet life’s challenges

Asian Indoor Water Fountain with Bell Chimes

In East Asian countries like Japan and China, the bell has an ancient significance and meaning. Bells are an integral part of many forms of Buddhist and Taoist worship, and they carry further cultural value in their exquisite craftsmanship. Bells are almost as old as China, and have long been treasured as works of art. The addition of bells to an indoor water fountain bring your home a bit of music as well as a piece of Asian cultural heritage.

Asian Tree Frog Indoor Fountain

According to Asian tradition and fengshui culture, frogs are a fantastic addition to your home’s qi for their ability to bring good luck to your home. By placing the frog close to the entrance of the house, for example, in your foyer or hallway, you invite more than just good luck into your home, you also invite good fortune — meaning more money!

Waterfall Tabletop Fountain

In feng shui, water is related to money. Waterfalls in particular are great for enhancing your home’s fengshui potential because they help connect us with the never-ending flow of universal abundance. So, add a waterfall fountain to your home to remind you and yours of all the good to be had in life.