Japanese Lanterns: A Creative Way to Brighten your Indoor or Outdoor Space

Japanese Lanterns: A Creative Way to Brighten your Indoor or Outdoor Space

As the days grow shorter, it can be sometimes difficult in finding creative ways to brighten up your home. But Japanese lanterns are a great, and stylish way to add a warm glow. In addition to having an everyday, practical use, they are appropriate for every occasion or season. From a backyard birthday party to an outdoor wedding, you can be sure that your Japanese lanterns will make the event special.

Having been used ever since the 6th century, Japanese lanterns have become not just an icon in Asia, but all over the world. Originally, they were made from stone, and used for religious purposes. Helping to guide worshipers and religious officials, Japanese lanterns gave light to holy temples, and markings. It is in this way that they have a very significant spiritual meaning as well as connection. Gradually, Japanese lanterns were made out of paper for festivals and various celebrations. Soon, they became as a great advertising tool for hotels, and restaurants to lure in customers.

But nowadays, Japanese lanterns aren’t used for just festivals or religious purposes; instead they are used to decorate your home and yard. If you are just looking to make an event special, paper lanterns are an elegant way to add a soft, subtle light. For instance, if you are looking to have a cozy, backyard wedding, hanging soft, cream-colored lights can suddenly transform your backyard, and wow your guests. On the other hand, if you are looking for a practical, everyday use you should look into investing into some plastic lanterns as they can withstand all the outdoor elements. Whereas with paper lanterns you have to take in every night, plastic lanterns can be left out.  Since plastic lanterns also have electric lights, they also tend to be much safer than paper lights as they are less likely to catch on fire.

Japanese lanterns are also totally accessible since you can practically find them anywhere! If you prefer to go online, you can visit sites like Amazon, EBay, or Just-Artifacts.com. Through even just a quick search, you can find Japanese lanterns in every shape, color, and size imaginable. You will find lanterns with floral designs, and even ones with your favorite teams sports logo. Depending on if your prefer paper or plastic, you will find lanterns that are electric or come with a spot to put your candle. At just the touch of your finger, you can find a lantern that suites your own personal style.

But if you aren’t much an online shopper and feel better to go in person, you can go down to your local nursery as they are popularly used in gardens. You can also go to IKEA to find popular indoor styles.