The Perfect Retreat: Asian Canopy and Platform Beds

The Perfect Retreat: Asian Canopy and Platform Beds

Breaking out of the dull bedroom furniture sets is no easy task. But just wait until you discover Asian canopy and platform bed frames. Distinguished by their sleek lines and designs, you will very surprised by how much they will spice up your bedroom. Whether you choose the canopy or platform bed, you can be assured to make your bedroom an escape from the hectic drudge of our everyday lives. It’s important to spend time in your room with ease and relaxation.

Though a quick Internet search will get you a wide array of canopy or platform beds to choose from, they are not always the best quality. Many cheap platform or canopy beds tend to be not very sturdy, and therefore not last very long. But at, you can be sure to find beds that will last you a lifetime. In fact, their beds are made with durable mortise and tenon joinery from the strongest wood on earth. Your furniture will, in turn, not only become a part of the household, but it will also become a part of the family.

Made up of designers with 12 years of dynamic business experience, specializes in Asian imports from Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. Dedicated to the highest of standards, you can be sure you have the very best quality. Instead of being another cog in the assembly line, Tansu furniture is individually handcrafted and polished. For instance, in the Kobe platform bed you will find a perfectly hand-rubbed Java finish.

Also, as Tansu is eco-friendly, you can help contribute to a better and greener future. Including the platform and canopy beds, all of Tansu furniture is made by reclaimed wood. Instead of being destroyed or thrown in a landfill, reclaimed wood is salvaged from buildings that have been torn down or considered no longer useful.  In saving this wood, Tansu helps to generate more trees, and give a new life for generations to come. Other than feeling like one heck of a good citizen, reclaimed wood has a one-of-a-kind antique look that just can’t be recreated with brand-new timber. As a result, style is always consciousness!

If you are cringing at the thought of having to buy a new bed set, than platform beds are for you.  Unlike most beds, platform beds do not require a box spring, because they are not built for them. Not only does this enable your bed to seem bigger, but it also offers a firm, flat foundation to put whatever mattress you so choose directly on it.  However, if you prefer a canopy bed, you have the choice of using a box spring and a mattress or just a mattress. It’s completely up to you! You can also choose between a clean white and a soft cream-colored canopy cover depending on your preference.

Though these beds are shipped from all over the world, you can order your beds directly to your home, and have it in your bedroom within a few short weeks. With some beds, like the Tropical canopy bed, you can even get the dresser and nightstands included. There are tons of different styles of canopy and platform waiting to be found by your eager eyes. So, get shopping at!