Year of the Dragon: Cleanse your Life and Start Anew

Year of the Dragon: Cleanse your Life and Start Anew

If you are still working on your New Year resolutions, now is your second chance with the Chinese New Year of the Dragon just around the corner:  Monday, January 23rd, marked by the Lunar calendar!  Lunar New Years are the most important and highly celebrated holiday in Asia.  Largely referred to as Chinese New Years, many countries in Asia also celebrate the new years according to the lunar calendar: Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnam, Japanese New Year, Korean New Year, Losar in Tibet and Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia.

The Lunar New Year is associated with many customs and traditions, typically tying into Feng Shui and symbolic decorations to ensure a prosperous new year. Celebrate the Lunar New Year the Asian way by cleansing your home and add positive Feng Shui décor to welcome in good luck and great prosperity for 2012.

Start Fresh, Cleanout Last Year’s Dirt

Start by cleaning your house thoroughly just before the New Year. The tradition of cleaning comes from the belief that it will sweep away any bad luck so there will be room for good fortune to enter. Organize and de-clutter your environment to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere and also to benefit your health and happiness. But make sure you don’t clean your home on the first day of the New Year or you will sweep away the good fortune.

Blooms of Fortune:

Traditionally, Chinese and Vietnamese decorate their homes with blooming flowers. Flowers represent an important symbol for the new years and bring growth, rebirth and prosperity. Create your own floral centerpiece using plum blossoms for reliability, perseverance and a successful life and water narcissus for good luck and fortune. The flowers are typically combined with bamboo and evergreen pine, the symbol of longevity. You can also use the azalea, peony and water lily.

Fruits for a Healthy Life:

Fresh fruits are also prominent in decoration and placed throughout the house. Oranges and tangerines represent a good and healthy long life. Make sure to keep the leaves intact for the tangerines to maintain lasting friendships and happiness. You can place pairs of mandarin oranges and tangerines in bowls in each room.


Add Vibrant Colors of Wealth:

Set your home to the Lunar New Years celebration mood by decorating in red and gold. These colors symbolize good luck, wealth and happiness. Add just a few items in these bright colors to pop up the brightness in each room. For table decorations, you can use a red table cloth and gold silverware or set your centerpiece with a splash of red and gold colors. You can also use red and gold candles to accent the room.  


  1. Kimberly says

    every time I go to my friend’s house, I would see basket of fruits lying around on the counter. Now i know they’not simply meant for eating

  2. Rooster633 says

    It is a practical way to receive a New Year with a clean, peaceful environment. Do remember not to sweep the floor on the 1st day of the Chinese New year.

    • Ying & Yang Living says

      Indeed. Avoid sweeping the floor as there is the fear that good fortune will be swept away!