Tansy Simpson: Female Cinematographer

Tansy Simpson: Female Cinematographer


Moon Bows To…

I just did a shoot with an amazing female cinematographer, Tansy Simpson, who is truly making it in a 99% male dominated world!  A proper English woman (well, maybe not so proper, HA!)  from England, she journeyed across the Atlantic to study cinematography at Chapman University film school in the US.   Having graduated recently, she has been traveling all across the US to shoot documentaries, movies and music videos.

Tansy inspires me so much because she is making it as a female cinematographer in a highly competitive male-dominated world.  I am in awe of her energy and spirit, as well as her unwavering courage to go after her dreams.  Her passion for cinematography and being on set is apparent.  I always talk about following your passion so that your true inner greatness can be illuminated into the world.  Tansy is doing just that with her gutsy attitude and vibrant energy.

Thank you, Tansy, for inspiring me and all of the professional women out there suceeding in a man’s world.  As Mao Zedong says, “women hold up half the sky.”  Tansy, I think you hold up 80% of it.

So I bow to you, Tansy…