“Yin Power” by Vickie “Yin” Nelson!

“Yin Power” by Vickie “Yin” Nelson!


Moon Bows To…

My health and happiness come in many different ways and forms…

I have a wonderful viewer named Vickie Nelson in San Diego, CA, who corresponds with me from time to time.  Recently, she emailed me asking me for advice about building a website she and her husband may want to launch. While I was so flattered that she liked my website so much, I was only able to provide her with my humble advice.

In her post script note, she mentioned that she had a former car license plate that said “YIN POWER.”  How brilliant is that??!!   So, I nicknamed her “Vickie “Yin” Nelson.”

The power of the Yin & Yang is unquestionably almighty, as the Universe is created in the perfect balance of the Yin & Yang.  It makes me sooo happy — and  hopeful — in the midst of this troubled world we live in, that there are people, like Vickie Nelson, who are so tapped into the yin and yang harmony!  It is truly the only way to live a happy and healthy life!

Vickie “Yin” Nelson, thank you sooo much for sharing your Yin Power with me…Your positive Yin energy is immensely felt by me and this magical Universe, so, God bless your wonderful soul!! You inspire me to do the important work of Ying & Yang Living!!

So I bow to you, Vickie “Yin” Nelson…