Moon Confesses…Coffee-Mate Creamer….

Moon Confesses…Coffee-Mate Creamer….


Moon Confesses…

I really really hate to admit this, but I love this Coffee Mate coffee creamer, and pour it into my coffee every morning.  The hazelnut flavor is my favorite!  I have never looked at the label because I’m afraid to know what is in it — as they say, ignorance is bliss!

 It lasts forever in the refrigerator, so we can assume that any food that lasts for more than a few weeks not only has preservatives in it, but includes weird unhealthy artificial ingredients.  I have a real addiction for it and can’t stop pouring it into my coffee — a love and hate relationship for sure.  I guess my healthy journey is not so healthy after all…

This is a major food vice for me.  What is yours? Please share it with me, so I can feel better about using this coffee creamer.


  1. Meng Salita says

    it wouldn’t hurt to cheat once in a while especially if it’s one’s craving for food hahaha! tell me, Moon, are there still safe food around? I mean, if not GMO, produce are sprayed with pesticides, food are processed with what-have-you preservatives, etc. Even the things organic may not be safe at all. I guess we just have to strengthen our immune system. My mantra has become : Eat and be merry for tomorrow is another day! LOL!

  2. Ying & Yang Living says

    Hi Meng! Thank you for making me feel better about this. Yes, we live in a very polluted environment, and even the non-GMO foods or organic foods can’t be trusted. Your mantra is wise: eat and be merry as life is too short. The stress would do worse things for your body than this creamer, which I love! Unfortunately, I cheat with this creamer almost every morning (not once in awhile)! LOL!!