Green Tea Ice Cream by Haagen Dazs

Green Tea Ice Cream by Haagen Dazs


Moon Confesses…

I had a wonderful summer intern, Corinne, who ate ice cream every night — seriously, every night. We discovered this green tea ice cream flavor by Haagen Dazs, and I thought I had found heaven on earth! The taste of the green tea is so subtle yet sophisticated. Though I’m on a healthy living journey, I’m not perfect — I fall off the wagon and have my moments of weakness. So, I confess: I have a serious weakness for the Haagen Daaz green tea ice cream…Oh, God help me! Would love to know your own weakness so I don’t feel so guilty!

If you can not find the Haagen Daz green tea brand, here’s another one you can order online:

eCreamery Classic Green Tea Ice Cream – 4 pack