My Healthy Binge Eating Failure…

My Healthy Binge Eating Failure…


Moon Confesses…

I have to confess: this week I binged, which usually happens when I’m feeling stressed or anxiety ridden to help relieve the negative emotions.

However, to my credit, I made a big effort to binge healthy with carrots and celery but I finally broke down and caved in — unable to resist chocolate ice cream sandwich and pita chips!!  (Chocolate is my best friend and enemy when I binge).

For me, binging is not only a way to alleviate emotional pain but also to punish myself for not feeling good enough sometimes.

I have never been successful at totally quitting my binge eating, so now, I try to be more forgiving of myself when I do it because, if I don’t forgive, I would binge even more, making my nasty behavior grow even more nastier.   Forgiveness allows me to accept my flaws and move on, so it actually minimizes my binges.

Of course, binging is not something I’m proud of, but when I can admit and acknowledge it, then it helps me to move towards healing and resolving this issue.

Here’s a book that has helped me on my journey to reduce binge eating (a spiritual solution!):

“A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” by Marianne Williamson