Does Lying Make for Bad Spiritual Karma?

Does Lying Make for Bad Spiritual Karma?


Moon Confesses…

In the interest of always protecting my spiritual karma, I made a  promise to myself a long time ago that I would always be honest with the people I really care about in my life. Breaking my own spiritual law, I recently told a lie to someone close — and it was more than just an innocent white lie.  In my defense, I lied because I didn’t feel that my friend was ready to hear the truth and that it would just bring more stress into her life, causing potential damage to our friendship.  I am neither judging nor justifying that this is a good reason for dishonesty.

Feelings of guilt really set in me, as I felt I had betrayed our trust.  Are we really protecting someone we love when we withhold important information regardless of the consequences?    Is it wrong to tell a lie to protect the other person and your friendship?  Or, is it better to tell the truth at the risk of destroying a relationship?

I pray that when my friend learns the truth, she will be able to accept and handle the matter in a constructive way, which will empower her to become a stronger person, rather than drag her down.  Regardless of how she reacts to it, I will provide a shoulder to lean on.

In the hopes that I have not scarred my spiritual karma, may the Universe forgive me for lying, and I pray that it was for the best….