Dalai Lama’s Smile…

Dalai Lama’s Smile…


Moon’s Favorite Asian Thing…

My favorite smile, other than my hubbies’, is that of Dalai Lama. Any picture I’ve ever seen of Dalai Lama, he’s always smiling.  I always love his smile because it’s so infectious that you can’t help but smile back.  His smile is gentle yet full of joy.  If there was ever an award for smile, he would receive it in my book.

Smile is such a wonderful way to connect to our fellow human beings because it immediately breaks the ice. It also shows that your defense wall is down, so it becomes inviting for someone to get to know you better.  Mother Teresa always said that the initial way to show love is to just smile at the other person — simple yet powerful.

Smiling symbolizes love, so let’s all keep smiling because that is one thing that never gets old or tired.

Happy Smiling, everyone!

Recommended Reading: “The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living” by Dalai Lama