Ear Picking Spoon to Remove Unwanted Ear Wax!

Ear Picking Spoon to Remove Unwanted Ear Wax!


Moon’s Favorite Asian Thing…

Ear picking spoon to clean inside your ears. What, a spoon to clean your ears?  I know, I know, it sounds weird and gross, but it really works, removing unwanted and nasty ear wax.  You can use the spoon by yourself or, better, have someone do it for you — growing up, my mom or my sisters would use it on me.  After all, you want inside of your ears clean, right?  They are so compact, you can carry them everywhere!

Traditionally wooden ones are used…


Here’s a plastic kind with light bulb so you can see inside the dark ear hole…


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Handamde Bamboo Clean Wax Removers 5 Pcs Ear Picks

Green Ear cleaning Tool Q-tip with flashlight and three accessories