Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat


Moon’s Favorite Things…

Over the course of my yoga practice, I have tried and used all kinds of yoga mats.  Yoga mats that are too thin can hurt your body when you’re in certain yoga positions that place a lot of weight on the floor, and yoga mats that are too thick can be unwieldy and too heavy to carry around.

So this Manduka Prolite yoga mat has the balance of being thick enough for a nice buffer between your body and the floor, yet being light enough to easily carry around.  The cost is reasonable — only about $75.

The other reason why I’m a fan of Manduka is because their mats are eco-friendly.  Their company philosophy supports sustainability, so when we practice yoga on a Manduka mat, we are not only honoring our own practice, but our precious Earth.

If you’re a yoga fan like me and want get a good yoga mat with support, lightness, and environmentally conscious, try the Manduka Prolite series.  I think you’re really like it and give me your feedback on which yoga mat you like!