Tofutti Tofu Cream Cheese

Tofutti Tofu Cream Cheese


Moon’s Favorite Things…

After some years of buying light cream cheese, I discovered cream cheese made with tofu.  Since I was a baby, I have been eating tofu my whole life, so I was so happy to find it in cream cheese form.   As the Asian diet has virtually no dairy, this works well for my body.

I love this brand Tofutti because there is no hydrogenated oil, and, of course, because it’s made with tofu, it’s low calories with no fat or gluten, so it’s great for our waistline and any food allergies to gluten.  

It’s also smooth and creamy, so it spreads so well on my favorite cranberry or blueberry bagel or bagel with locks — yumm!  The best part: you’re not skipping on great taste, just on the high calorie and fat.  Toffuti is just made of 100% good ole tofu!

This has become my new favorite find — Tofutti cream cheese.  If you’ve tried it before, let me know what you think!