Food Cravings: Listen to your Body…

Food Cravings: Listen to your Body…


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

Over the past few months, I have been obsessed about tofu with vegetables.  I have been eating this combination almost every day in every Asian cuisine — Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese.

Because our bodies are working 24/7  to keep us optimally healthy, it is always giving us messages to listen to what it needs.  Sometimes the signal can get mixed because of a disease, which is causing false messages, but, for the most part, your body knows what it needs to stay healthy and is constantly communicating to you.  I believe one of the ways it communicates is through food cravings.

While we all crave too much salt, fat and sugar because we eat it in so many processed foods, such unhealthy cravings are due to addictions rather than what the body really needs.  So we have to be discerning and careful about such cravings because, like a drug, the body needs it as a temporary fix that does not really serve our bodies.  We all need some amount of good fat, salt and sugar, but these properties should come from natural whole foods, like grains, fruit, and good oils, rather than from processed foods.

As I always say that we must listen to the Universe, we must listen to our bodies as it’s part and parcel of this Universe.  If we choose to ignore our body’s messages and continue to engage in bad nutrition, our bodies will rebel and create disease.  The messages come also in the form of symptoms, perhaps rashes, head aches, certain pains, so be conscious of what your body is telling you.

I do not know why, but I am just craving the combination of tofu and vegetables all the time now, so I stir fry tofu with veggies; make Korean tofu soups with kimchi; place raw tofu in salads; and my favorite is Tofu Basil Leaves, which is a Thai dish with tofu, basil and other vegetables in a delicious Thai sauce.  I love this dish!

For my body, I think it is craving what I was eating as a child which was a lot of tofu and vegetables.  My mother never liked meat, so she cooked mostly tofu, vegetables and fish.  When my niece Kai was only 1 year old, I remember witnessing my sister In (Kai’s mother) feed her miso soup with tofu and rice. I only imagined that my mother had done the same for us and the unconditional love she put into the food she fed us.  I believe that our favorite foods are the ones which we grew up eating as a child, so my body is yearning to go back to those roots.

If you have a craving, your body may be trying to tell you something, so listen carefully to it. Needless to say, it’s important to keep our bodies in tip top shape with the right food because your health is your greatest wealth!