Cilantro Leaf Tea for Detox and Anti-inflammation

Cilantro Leaf Tea for Detox and Anti-inflammation


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

I’ve been drinking cilantro leaf tea recently.  Due to 2 years of fertility treatments, injecting a lot of unnatural hormones into my system, I’ve accumulated a lot of toxins in my body, not to mention bloating and gaining 20 lbs.  I heard about cilantro (used a lot in Southeast Asian dishes) as a wonderful remedy for detox and anti-inflammation. I noticed the bloating reduced a little, so I will continue and report back!  Here’s my recipe for cilantro tea, super simple!


  • Cilantro Leaves (1 bunch)
  • Water (5 cups)


1) Remove stems from leaves


2) Add cilantro leaves into pot of water


3) Turn your flame to high and bring it to boil. Once water boils, then reduce flame to low and let it steep for 20 minutes.

4) Pour into mug with a strainer.


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