Eating Local Foods…

Eating Local Foods…

Moon’s Healthy Journey…

One way I try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my life is eating and supporting local foods grown in your own state.  As my husband and I were driving on the I5 Freeway in CA, we saw a sign for a local olive farm, so we stopped to check it out, as I love ingredients from local farmers.


They sold wonderful olive oil, which even won past awards for its excellence, so I grabbed a couple of bottles, one to bring as gift and one for me to cook at home.  Flavored with lots of garlic, which made it over-the-top, the olive oil is so fresh and smooth.


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In addition, they were selling fresh blueberry syrup, also produced by a local blueberry farmer.  The syrup is so delicious and naturally sweet without all the added sugar and corn starch thickness you find in fake syrups.  Needless to say, it pairs wonderfully with pancakes and waffles, but you can also add it into your salad dressing.


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Pioneer Valley Gourmet Blueberry Syrup

As part of my healthy living, I try to eat fresh local foods as much as possible because it is not only good for your health, but also saves our environment, on which we depend for our survival.   I encourage you to do the same!!