Eating Seasonal Foods

Eating Seasonal Foods


Moon’s Healthy Journey….

Fall is actually my favorite season because the weather starts to get a little cooler, so I can bundle up in light coats and jackets and wrap a scarf around my neck, making me feel warm and safe.  I also love the change in leaf colors and especially all of the abundant Fall produce, like pumpkin, squash, acorn, etc.  I found these beautiful pumpkins at my local supermarket.

In order to optimize our health, we must live in the flow of Mother Nature, so I strongly believe in eating seasonal produce because that is the way Mother Nature intended.  As Fall season comes with colder weather, Mother Nature is signaling that we eat heartier foods, so produce such as squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes are made available.  As Spring’s warmer weather approaches, we are directed to eat lighter produce like watermelon, strawberries, melons, etc.

Seasonal foods are also cheaper because there is more abundance of it, so we’re saving money.  Even more importantly, we are protecting our environment when we eat seasonal foods because it is not being transported from afar, so our carbon foot print is minimized.

As Mother Nature only has our best interest at heart, we must listen to her ways.  Food is one of the biggest ways to listen and tap into the natural flow of Mother’s Nature infinite wisdom and perfection, thereby creating a healthy mind, body and soul for ourselves.

So let’s be aware of eating seasonal foods and make an effort to do so.  When we love Mother Nature, we love ourselves!  Here’s my recipe for creamy pumpkin porridge!

Happy Fall and Eating Seasonally!