Feng Shui “Altar” at Work

Feng Shui “Altar” at Work


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

I always say that we can be tapped into the powerful and positive energies of this Universe every second of our lives, even when we’re at work!

I was recently at my bank making a deposit.  Normally I would be helped by a teller, but it was a busy day, so one of the banker ladies, Joanna Favis-Pamaran, sitting at a desk took care of me.  I didn’t remember her too well, but Joanna said she had met me before and recalled my Ying & Yang Living, which had apparently resonated with her on some level.

She  then told me how much she believed in the energies of this Universe and actively taps into it.  So, she pointed to an area of her desk with feng shui objects: a feng shui metal box with the fire, earth and metal elements, each on one side, along with a tall candle and rocks.  It was her very own makeshift feng shui altar to connect and surround herself with positive energies at work.  I loved it and thought it was genius!

We can all be tapped into the energies of this Universe, even at work, and Joanna showed us a super simple and cheap way to do it!  So bring positive energies into your work space by placing energy objects, like those of feng shui, in your office or on your desk, cause a happy employee is a great employee!